Hi Guys!

I’m a food and fitness loving Dietitian living in the Boston, MA area.  I received my Registered Dietitian degree from the University of Connecticut and went on to become licensed as an RD in the state of MA.  Due to my long-time passion for holistic health, I’m also credentialed as an Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP™).  Integrative and Functional health is an approach to medicine that gets at the root cause of what the person is dealing with and treats from a preventative mindset by utilizing both conventional and alternative healing therapies-one of which being healing food:)

I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in the Spring of 2013 while in the midst of completing my Dietetic internship.  While this diagnosis didn’t come without ups and downs, I truly believe that it came as a blessing in disguise and has allowed me to develop a genuinely empathetic connection with those dealing with digestive disorders and autoimmune disease.  I feel that I’m truly “a foodie with a struggle” since I love cooking and trying new restaurants however those with celiac disease know that this can come at a risk at times!

I started @glutenfreegerblie as an Instagram account a few years ago to share recipes & my cooking ventures with others struggling with Celiac and gluten intolerances/sensitivities.  I by no means suggest that all people need to go gluten free to be healthier however, I DO suggest all people with Celiac must strictly avoid gluten-down to the crumb on a contaminated knife.  I have found in my experience with those struggling with inflammation and digestive health problems that eliminating gluten can, in many cases, provide symptom relief.

I enjoy healthifying recipes to make them not only gluten free but also cleaner and more whole food based whenever possible.  Beyond my love of food I enjoy regularly practicing yoga and any activity involving sunshine:)